Record-Breaking Success: Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Car Show Achieves Unprecedented 3,156 Showfield Attendance!

Test your knowledge! What do you get when you combine delightful weather, a passionate enthusiast community, various vendors, captivating special displays, and an impressive lineup of the world’s most astonishing show cars? The answer is a brand new Showfield record for the THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR. This time, the count reached an incredible 3,156 show cars, surpassing last year’s mark of 3,100.

The festivities of this show, running from Friday, July 14 to Sunday, July 16, kicked off even earlier, with display cars, vendors, and Showfield participants arriving as early as Wednesday. Remarkably, “set up day” on Thursday hosted over 1,000 cars at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds and an additional 400-500 rides at the evening kick-off party hosted by the Mopar Rebellion car club at the neighboring Carlisle Expo Center. Enthusiasts from around the world came together to make this event truly remarkable.

When the official events commenced on the 14th, the excitement was fueled by an opening ceremony featuring a panel of Mopar royalty, including Linda Vaughn, Paul Rossi, Claudia Abel (Ms. Direct Connection), Herb McCandless, the Ramchargers, Golden Commandos, and more. Hosted by Herb McCandless, Jr., this engaging ceremony allowed the guests to share their experiences and stories within the hobby, evoking laughter and appreciation from the throngs of attendees who shaped their careers. The event commenced with a live rendition of the National Anthem and a showcase of Dodge’s new Demon 170.

Dodge, a significant presence at the show, entertained the crowd relentlessly with attractions at their midway display and exhilarating Hellcat thrill rides on the Carlisle track. The lines for the rides were continuously long, but the experience of going from 0-60 smiles per hour in an instant made the wait more than worthwhile.

Not to be outdone, other special guests and attractions also captured attention. Building R housed the Mopar Collectibles display, exhibiting a diverse array of Mopar-themed items that weren’t show cars. From a vintage Chrysler window unit AC to drag racing suits, model trains, shirts, signage, and go-karts, the assortment was truly fascinating.

Display-wise, visitors could explore a full tent and building dedicated to Malaise Era cars, High School Mopars, 1973 50th Anniversary rides, and a Featured Vehicle Display. Additionally, the Mopar Survivors Tent returned, showcasing around 40 cars that were at least 85% original, some even partaking in parades and track activities.

For those on the lookout for parts, the automotive flea market at Carlisle offered an extensive selection of millions of items, both NOS and OEM used, stretching from fence line to fence line. Shopping at Carlisle was undoubtedly a highlight of the weekend, complementing the other attractions perfectly.

Although the 2023 event has come to a close, plans for the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2024 are already underway. Registration is now open, and the 2024 display themes will feature a focus on the A12 and High Impact Paint cars. If you’re interested in upcoming car events at Carlisle, advanced arrival information, or want to browse through the winner’s list and photos from the Chrysler Nationals weekend, visit

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