RacingJunk Virtual Car Show FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the virtual car show.

So, what’s a virtual car show?

A virtual car show is a chance for those of us stuck at home to admire and celebrate race and performance, customization, and cool cars in general through a series of galleries and interaction on social media. At least that’s what it means for RacingJunk. Users, friends and partners share their rides and visitors can scroll through, chat in our comments or on social media (be sure to visit our Facebook page for potential door prizes), and celebrate the community while giving away some prizes for neat stuff.  While we can’t offer up the beer, fried cheese, mullet hats or burnouts of a true “live” event, we can revel in our hobby with some of the folks we like best.

What days will the car show be “active?”

The show will be held April 11 – 12, 2020, kicking off officially at 7:00 a.m. PST/10 a.m. EST.  We will be accepting entries until 12:00 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST on Sunday April 12, 2020 for judging.  The cars themselves will still be available to view on the site after April 12, but we will not be adding to the galleries.

What categories are open for competition?

Drag Racers, Circle Track (Dirt or Oval), Off-Road, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods and Customs, and Moderns

We will also have a builder’s showcase, and a few “extra” galleries to round out the car show experience, but those are just for fun.

How do I enter my vehicle?

Unless you’re a professional builder, go ahead and fill out this form to register. There’s a link at the bottom to upload your photos to a Dropbox.

Vehicle Registration Form

If you are a builder, use this form instead:

Builder Showcase Form

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I just found out about the show. Can I still share my ride?

Yes you can! Use the links above. We will be updating until mid-day Sunday.

How does judging work?

RacingJunk staff will choose the three top vehicles from each category for Best in Category, and three overall for Best in Show.  We will then open the polls for users to vote between those three, starting on Monday April 13, 2020.

What are the prizes?

For the Best in Show, the winner will get three months free of Club Racing Membership, a Facebook profile badge and some RacingJunk swag.  Best in show will get a year of Club Racing Junk membership, the Facebook badge, swag and a RacingJunk banner to hang up.  Winners will also receive a write-up about their vehicle in the News & Tech section.

What if my vehicle could fall into several categories?

Choose the category you want to compete in, or if you don’t care about competition, choose the one you think it best matches.

Can I submit my vehicle via social media?

We’re sharing reader’s rides with the Instagram hashtag #racingjunkcar show.  Those cars will be eligible for an audience choice award.

What are your social media channels?

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest if you’re so inclined.

I have other questions. How do I get a hold of someone?

You can use any of our social channels to reach out or feel free to email us at [email protected]

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  1. Guess my full custom (underneath) ugly little MGB didn’t make the cut, oh well. There is a bunch of great stuff ion you show though.

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