RacingJunk Presents Ask Big Sexy: Advice from the Pits

Ask Big Sexy_Johnnie Column_ Feature presents “Ask Big Sexy”– a new monthly forum where you, the RacingJunk user, can ask Johnnie “Big Sexy” Carrier any question relevant to the world of racing, motorsports, classic cars, automotive performance, or even about the website itself. So with that in mind let’s start off by opening up this week’s mailbag and see what you, the RacingJunk audience, has on your mind.

Dear Big Sexy: My husband is crazy and lazy. I’m sick of mowing the lawn while he plays Pokémon Go. Help me!

Overwhelmed in North Adams.

Dear Overwhelmed: Please remember that questions from my wife will be ignored as they are at home.

Dear Big Sexy: I’ve been a member for over eight months and I still don’t know how to use my value points. Can you help me?

Pointless in Tomha

Dear Pointless: Value Points are available to Club RacingJunk Members and to businesses. Depending on your membership/account level, Value Points are issued on a monthly or annual basis. Value Points can be used towards upgrading your ads for better exposure and faster sales! You may apply the points to feature or premiere your listings or use your points towards reposting your ads. Once the Value Points are depleted any upgrade feature you select will revert back to being charged at the regular rate. Each point is worth $.01. Example: 1,000 value points= $10. Remember, featuring and premiering will increase your ad views by 3-4 times the normal number of views.

The most important thing that you can do to gain maximum exposure for your ad is to use your value points to return your ads back to the top of the page.

For example, you have an engine for sale. It’s a great running 454 big block with really sharp looking chrome heads. It cranks out more horsepower than a cowboy movie. You place the ad in the Engines category. Then Buffalo Bob places his 454 on top of yours. That process continues and the next thing that you know old Bob is a millionaire and your ad is down on the bottom of page 167. Don’t wait that long! Use your value points to get your ad back up to the top of the page ahead of Buffalo Bob and the rest of the engine builders.

Now the nuts and bolts (sorry for the pun) of using your value points. Let’s say you want to place a feature on one of your ads.  Click the ‘My Ads’ button at the top of the header which will take you to a list of all of your ads.


The first ad you have is that 454 you’re trying to sell. Under the picture you’ll see another tab that says upgrade ads.

  1. Click it (It won’t bite) There you will see a page that has the entire list of options that you can use your value points on. They are represented by the green boxes with the letters VP in it. So, we’re going to feature an ad.
  2. By clicking the drop down box you’ll see the various prices to feature your ad.
    upgrade_ad_value_points 1
  3. By hitting the one-week feature spot you’ll notice that to feature your ad it will cost you $25.00.
  4. Down below you’ll see two boxes: Value Points Usable and Value Points Available.

  5. In the Value Points Usable box you would place 2500 because each point is worth .01. 2500 = 25 dollars you are spending to feature that ad.
    upgrade_ad_value_points 2
  6. Below that is a box: Use Value Points. Place the number 2500 and click the upgrade ad tab.
  7. You have now placed a feature on your ad and thus given yourself 4 times the normal views of the next guy who didn’t place a feature on his ad.


Dear Big Sexy: My husband is a pain in the…

Will someone please take the lap top away from my wife. See ya next month sport fans when we answer another question right here at

To ask Big Sexy a question, send your email to [email protected]


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