Racing is Re-Opening: What Does This Mean?

Racing Reopening Webcast

Racing is slowly re-opening in various ways from state to state, or track to track. Some states are insisting on no-spectator racing, others (like Oklahoma and Alaska) are accelerating the events as long as tracks and organizations can present their plans for keeping racers and spectators safe.  Still others, like Ohio (as of this reporting) are still in a holding pattern waiting for the go ahead.

RacingJunk’s Business Development department held a webcast on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 to discuss what the re-opening looks like for specific tracks and to solicit some guidance and advice from those who have already re-opened for others trying to prepare.

Joined by Todd Martin of Tulsa Raceway, Michelle Maynor of Alaska Raceway Park, and Joe Skotnicki of Racing Promotion Monthly, RacingJunk moderated the panel, encouraging the participants to share what’s working or them from limiting spectator capacity to pay-per-views to touchless time slips, as well as how to make up for lost revenue, and how to re-connect with racers and fans.

Some of the takeaways were the need to embrace technology, from online ticket sales and entrance fees, to a paperless time slip app, as well as a commitment from all of the participants to get racers and spectators back to the track when possible in ways that aren’t cost prohibitive.

You can watch the whole discussion below:

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