Racer Spotlight: Kimberly Deutsch

Circus Performer to USCG Captain and now NMRA & IHRA Racer Kimberly Deutsch. Featured 3X in the Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest. For some, passion for speed and adrenaline is hardwired into their DNA.

With few years of drag racing experience, I have found my home behind the wheel of a dragster. Not coming from a racing background, I headed into uncharted territory and never looked back. I have not had any formal training, my Husband has been my coach but I taught myself how to get down the track. It was a learning experience and basically trial and error for me.

Racing a 2006 Mustang GT Premium Roush drag car. The car was completely stock when my Husband and I purchased it with 19,000 Miles on it. After doing some research, we decided to have Brenspeed start the build on it out of Pierceton, IN.

I take it to the drag strip regularly and have become something of a role model for some of the local High School Students. I am a school bus driver by day and drag racer by night. I like to bring the car over to the local school auto shop programs and talk to the kids about not street racing and track safety.

We need to get kids involved so our sport continues to grow and prosper. My goal is to get people to follow their dreams, because if I would’ve listened to the people who told me I couldn’t make this happen, I wouldn’t be where I am today. No matter how big your dream seems, it is possible, and that’s what I want people to remember.”

My current goals are to become more comfortable with the car, gaining the experience I need to eventually win a national or divisional event. I would love to travel more for racing, and get the opportunity to compete at as many racetracks as possible.

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