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We’ve got some exciting new user-driven changes on to share with all of you, including a new look for featured ads and some great ways to search and filter to find exactly what you’re looking for!
The¬†refreshed features section on the category pages is intended to better draw the potential buyer’s eye. The design is cleaner, thumbnail larger, and the whole section is scroll-able. ¬†Each category section (from drag racing to antiques to engines, etc) will offer this new design.
featured antique classics resize
We have also installed new filter options on the on Category and Results pages to allow users to access ads based on a variety of considerations including “Most Popular” and “Most Recent” along with filter for categories, photos, location, price, best match, etc.
drag racing with drop down open and filters applied resize
Filter options searching for location.



Filtered Ads by Day 1
Filtering for Ads by Day of Posting


most popular with filters features
Filtering by most popular search
We hope these options are useful to users and would love to hear any feedback on how they’re working, and what else we could do to get you to the ads you really want to see.

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