Help Us Find The Stolen Mooneyes Trailer!

The Mooneyes Trailer was stolen out of their shop in Santa Fe Springs, CA, so we ask you to please keep a lookout. Mooneyes released this statement on their FB page:

Alert! The Mooneyes Shop Trailer has been stolen due to a break-in at our premises. We urge everyone to be on the lookout for it. The license plate number is 4PW9890. Your help in sharing this information is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support in spreading the word!

Mooneyes Equipment Co. is an iconic and renowned company within the automotive industry, recognized for its distinctive and high-quality custom car parts and accessories. Founded by Dean Moon in the 1950s, Mooneyes gained prominence for its innovative designs and contributions to hot rod culture and custom car enthusiasts.

The brand’s signature logo, featuring a cartoonish character with moon-shaped eyes, has become a symbol synonymous with the vintage car scene. Mooneyes’ product range includes various components such as air cleaners, valve covers, steering wheels, and apparel, all reflecting a retro aesthetic that resonates with aficionados of classic cars and hot rods.

Over the years, Mooneyes has evolved into a lifestyle brand, expanding beyond its product offerings to include events like car shows, races, and gatherings that celebrate the spirit of customization and vintage automobile culture. The company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and its deep roots in automotive history have solidified its reputation as an influential and beloved name among car enthusiasts worldwide.

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