Guinness Posthumously Recognizes Jessi Combs as Fastest Woman on Earth

Photo Courtesy: Jessi Combs Facebook Page
Jessi Combs
Photo Courtesy: Jessi Combs Facebook Page

Jessi Combs has officially been recognized as the world’s fastest woman. The Guinness World Records posthumously awarded Jessi Combs the title of ‘Worlds Fastest Woman’ after she recorded an average of 522.783 miles per hour in completed two-way runs before the crash that took her life back in August 2019 on a dry lake bed in the Alvord Desert in Oregon.

Her own Twitter post, right before the accident, confirmed that while Combs new the risks of her chosen passion, she also understood the rewards: “It may seem a little crazy to walk directly into the line of fire… those who are willing, are those who achieve great things. . . People say I’m crazy. I say thank you 😉 .”

According to Guinness, the previous record for land speed held by a woman was Kitty O’Neil at 512.710 mph. “Jessi is the first person to break this record in more than 40 years,” says the record-tracking company.

Combs was a co-host for “The List,” which ran on Autoblog from 2011-2017. She was a well-known television personality who appeared in several shows, including “Overhauling” and “All Girls Garage.” As her family said when her record run was submitted to Guinness during an event celebrating her life, “she left this earth driving faster than any other woman in history.”

After her death, Combs’ family stated that “Jessi’s most notable dream was to become the fastest woman on Earth.” and she did just that.

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  1. I still watch Girl’s garage on TV. I like to see women doing complicated mechanical things. Also Jesse was pretty cute

  2. Jessi Combs deserves all the accolades that she received for her accomplishments throughout her lifetime.Jessi was a cornerstone in what she did achieve.Jessi will be missed forever.RIP.

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