Green Hornet Shelby Prototype Debuts at SEMA

SEMA: Green Hornet Shelby Prototype Debuts at Shell Live Stage


The name “Shelby” calls to mind an iconic look and feel, not to mention power and performance. The history of the Shelby Mustang prototypes is equally rich, filled with innovation and mystery.  For enthusiasts, a little of the mystery is about to be lifted from one of the GT500 prototypes — the “Green Hornet, a 1968 Shelby GT500, was part of the test program Carroll Shelby and his team developed to bring cutting-edge automotive engineering to the late ’60s muscle car. It was designed as a prototype for the California Special trimmed Mustang,  one of only two notchback coupes produced by Ford and Shelby, making the car truly one-of-a-kind. Thought to be lost to the crusher, the Green Hornet was discovered to still be in working order.  Craig Jackson, CEO of Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction purchased the car and with the help of Pennzoil, meticulously restored the prototype back to factory-spec.

The vehicle was uncovered during a press conference at the Shell “Pioneering Performance” Experience on November 7th, when Craig Jackson and Carlos Maurer, President, Shell Lubricants Americas, discussed the process and restoration of the coveted vehicle in preparation for a documentary that will be released soon, documenting both the Green Hornet restoration and its sibling, Little Red.

The Green Hornet was an important and special vehicle to me and adding it to our collection was a no-brainer,” said Jackson. “I had a long friendship with Carroll, and I believe he would be proud to see one of his revolutionary prototypes looking like it rolled right out of the factory back in ’68.”

The Green Hornet was originally restored in 1993, but underwent another full restoration in the hands of Craig Jackson, just in time for the 2019 SEMA Show. SEMA: Green Hornet Shelby Prototype Debuts at Shell Live Stage

“Being able to help restore such a legendary vehicle from Ford and Shelby’s history was a thrill for us at Pennzoil,” said Maurer. “We’re proud to be able to see the finished product here today, and I have a special appreciation for the vehicle since it became the platform for innovation in design, performance and handling. Carroll Shelby’s innovation and development of the Mustang inspires what the many leading manufacturers strive to create with their cars of today.”

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