Ford Launches eRacing Program in Europe

The blue oval is expanding into the wide world of esports. At a Gamescom 2019 news conference, Ford announced the launch of it’s own virtual racing team.

Ford has already been scouting several esports competitors to join their national “Fordzilla” franchises in France, Italy, Germany, Spain. and the United Kingdom, the best of the best from across Europe will also be selected for a seperate “all-star” team. One of the main titles for competition will be the ever popular FOrza Motorsport 7, developed by Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios.

“The distinction between real and virtual worlds is blurring. Gaming is now a part of mainstream culture. Top gamers challenge professional race drivers in real life and many of our day-to-day activities are ‘gamified’, from using fitness apps to collecting loyalty points for a free coffee,” said Amko Leenarts, director, Design, Ford of Europe. “Harnessing the passion and expertise of the gaming community will help evolve our thinking around what future journeys will look like – something that we are all committed to and really excited about.”

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