Ford and Amazon Team Up for Deliveries – Will This Work?

With Amazon and Alexa taking over communications and sales duties throughout our marketplace, what could be more organic than having Amazon deliver to your car? Leaving packages in the rear of an SUV for the purchaser to claim might seem like a good idea in an era where front-porch ad doorstep thievery is rampant, but there are certain drawbacks to this kind of delivery option.

Everywhere, people are being told not to leave anything in their vehicles if they don’t want them to be stolen. Wouldn’t one think that would pertain to packages from Amazon as well? Ford seems to think it has a better idea through Amazon Key In-Car Delivery, available to both Ford and Lincoln vehicle owners who wish to have their Amazon Prime orders delivered directly to their vehicles.

As such, Ford is promoting the idea to owners. The way to access this program is to link Amazon Prime accounts with the FordPass or LincolnWay apps, so that delivery drivers will be able to “securely access a customer’s vehicle,” to make a delivery, Ford said. Once a delivery is completed, the Amazon Prime customer receives a notification sent to their phone noting delivery.

“For added piece of mind,” Ford stated, “delivery drivers are required to double-check the door handle before departing to make sure the car is locked.” If a customer decides to change their mind the day of delivery, access to their vehicle can be blocked and the delivery rescheduled or redirected to the home.

In announcing this program, Ford stated the program will “simplify lives” and states the partnership between Ford and Amazon is “just one example of the endless upcoming opportunities in working with Ford. According to the Harvard Business Review, the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending. That is only expected to grow.”

If we lived in a civil society, perhaps this idea might fly, but as of today we don’t. Ford has prepared a video delineating the program and how it’s intended to work in a perfect situation. It also has photos of Amazon deliveries being placed in Ford products. I’m a skeptic.

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