Ferrari Museum Now Virtually Open to Everyone

Ferrari Museum
Ferrari Museum on Google Maps. Photos from Motor Authority.

The Ferrari Museum has now virtually opened its doors to anyone with Internet access. The Ferrari Museum has been added to Google Maps’ StreetView, so Ferrari enthusiasts can virtually walk around the legendary Italian sports and racing car manufacturer’s hallowed grounds in Maranello, Italy.

While nothing can compare to the experience of actually visiting the museum and seeing these masterpieces firsthand, the computer visit to the museum is a step up from what most enthusiasts previously had access to.

To access the virtual museum, go to Google Maps and type in “Ferrari Museum”, then drag the little orange man into the museum and navigate through the high-resolution, realistic imagery of some of the world’s most famous and valuable Ferraris.

The museum boasts both road and racing cars from Ferrari’s history, and of course, a few concepts. The imagery for the virtual walk-through was taken in December of this year, so you can view the “Genius and Secrets” temporary exhibit.

Having this technology at our disposal as opposed to a fixed video tour allows us to go through at our own pace and linger on our favorite exhibits and cars, just as we would do if we were physically in the museum.

Go forth and virtually explore, Ferrari enthusiasts.

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