EPA Drops Proposed Race Regulation Language from Emissions Recommendation


The EPA’s current proposal regulating vehicle emissions standards has raised quite the outcry amongst the auto racing industry, including a petition sponsored by SEMA and a bill introduced by several state representatives who have interpreted language within the resolution as being potentially damaging to the racing industry.

The standards, designed to further limit greenhouse gas emissions from medium and heavy-duty engines also included vehicles modified for racing, and the objections raised by the industry were over the negative effect this would have on tracks and manufacturers.

In response, the EPA clarified on Friday, April 15, that the language was never intended to impact purpose-built race cars, and was aimed at illegally modified street cars.  As part of that acknowledgement, the confusing language has been removed from the proposal.

SEMA, and others in the industry, have applauded the EPA’s choice to drop that particular language. However, they still view the EPA as over-reaching when it comes to the racing industry, and remain in support of the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act.

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