Elevate Your Bronco’s Camping Experience! 2023 Ford Bronco Build – Phase 4

Turn5’s (T5) 100K Ford Bronco Build has achieved the much-anticipated Stage 4 milestone, boasting an array of impressive overlanding enhancements. The coveted Gator build takes center stage as the grand prize of T5’s summer sweepstakes. In this latest phase, a diverse collection of accessories has been introduced, poised to elevate the camping and overlanding escapades for the fortunate future owner, whose revelation is scheduled for October 31st, 2023.

Part 4 showcases an array of offerings generously provided by the esteemed partner, Rough Country, known for its pivotal role in the Gator build. The T5 team initiated this stage by integrating essential gear such as the Rough Country Portable Fridge/Freezer, Rough Country Air Compressor, and Rough Country Collapsible Fire Pit. For seamless integration and superior storage optimization, the Rough Country Metal Storage Box was meticulously affixed using top-tier brackets.

Subsequently, T5 expanded the setup with recovery equipment and an ingenious tailgate table. Yet, the pinnacle of Stage 4 undoubtedly revolves around the introduction of the Rough Country Hard Shell Roof Top Tent. This remarkable tent effortlessly accommodates 2 to 3 individuals, offering streamlined setup and takedown courtesy of its hydraulic-assisted clamshell design.

The transformation of T5’s Gator build is nothing short of awe-inspiring, exuding heightened capability and an undeniable readiness for thrilling adventures. As the 100K build reaches its climactic conclusion, the anticipation heightens for the parts authority’s imminent selection of the victor, set to take place on September 30, 2023. Each qualifying dollar spent on either www.extremeterrain.com or www.americantrucks.com entitles participants to a single entry into the drawing, with a cap of 10,000 entries per person and email address. For comprehensive insights into Stage 4, giveaway regulations, and more, explore the following links.