DEI Opens Grassroots Sponsorship Opportunity to All Racers

DEI Opens Grassroots Sponsorship Opportunity to All Racers

In an effort to help grassroots racing programs get a solid foothold in the industry, Design Engineering is inviting racers from all series and levels of participation to become a member of TEAM DEI. The Team DEI sponsorship program includes all levels and series of grassroots racing, as well as all vehicles – truck, car, kart and powersports.

Sponsored participants will receive discounted product and merchandise in exchange for promotion of DEI products including all the company’s brands: DEI, Boom Mat, CryO2, Radiator Relief and DEI Powersports.  The sponsorship agreement lasts one year, concluding at the end of the calendar year.

To apply for TEAM DEI, one must send in a proposal package including driver/owner contact information, driver/rider resume, vehicle information (including photos), specifications, all modifications to the vehicle and information about the transporter, driver and owner. The proposal must also include the year’s show schedule, past media coverage or expected media coverage and how the owner/rider will promote DEI.

DEI Opens Grassroots Sponsorship Opportunity to All Racers

As usual for sponsorship programs, this one involves a commitment to provide win updates information on how the DEI decals will be applied to the vehicle. Monthly follow-up emails are required. If accepted, updates of shows and race events can be submitted online.  Lastly, participants must authorize DEI to use the their names and images for potential advertising or literature.

Dan Stark, DEI Team manager, said, “As the industry’s leading supplier of heat and sound control products for racers, street performance enthusiasts and hobbyists, we are always looking for ways to mutually support grassroots motorsports and promote our brands at events and on the track. This has been a highly successful program and one that we believe has the greatest benefit in terms of on-site promotion.”

Interested? To begin the process to be a sponsored member of TEAM DEI, fill out the online form at, or download the application as a PDF and fax to 440-930-7967. Each sponsored racer or builder will receive DEI decals, and a DEI tee shirt and hat.

For more information about DEI’s race sponsorship program, or DEI products, visit, call DEI at 800-264-9472 or e-mail: [email protected]. To keep up with the very latest DEI product introductions and company news connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or subscribe to DEI’s You Tube channel.

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