Congratulations to the Winner of the Custom Borowski LS Race Engine

Chad Shifflet, Gavin Shifflet’s dad, was attending the PRI show and stepped in to accept the engine on Gavin’s behalf.

Congratulations to Gavin Shifflet, the winner of the 2023 custom LS Borowski race engine giveaway, which was announced at the Performance Racing Industry 2023 show in Indianapolis, IN. The custom Borowski 700 HP, naturally-aspirated LS Street Engine loaded with COMP CAM parts was up for grabs, starting in October 2022, the second Borowski engine given away by RacingJunk and Borowski in the past few years.

RacingJunk and Borowski announced the winner on Friday, December 9, 2023 at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis, IN.

“I have been in disbelief for days now,” says Shifflet. “I still can’t believe that I was lucky enough to win the Racing Junk/Borowski Racing Engines giveaway.”

He’s got big plans for the custom engine, which features a FAST XFI Sportsman EFI Engine Control System, a custom COMP Cam & BSR Shaft Rockers, FAST LSXR Intake & 102MM Throttle Body, FAST XR-1A High-Output Ignition Coils, and RHS LS3 Cylinder Heads that were ported on Borowski’s 5-axis CNC.

“The engine will be going in my 1967 Chevelle SS that was passed down from my grandfather to my father, and then passed from my father to me. The car currently has a single turbo junkyard LS in it. This year will be a busy one for me, but next fall I will get the car done with the fresh Borowski 408 and hopefully make somewhere close to 1000hp. From there the plan is to ruin countless sets of perfectly good tires, and drive it to my wedding in 2025. I’m so thankful for everyone involved, this is truly an amazing experience!”

Shifflet will be taking be pickup the engine at the Borowski shop in Illinois once he returns from military training in 2024.  Check out the video below to see the announcement.


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