Big Chief Wins Big at Street Outlaws



At a sold-out Bristol Dragway No Prep shootout last Tuesday night, Justin “Big Chief” Shearer of Street Outlaws drove his “Crow” Pontiac GTO to a thrilling win against Jerry Bird’s Ford Probe. The victory netted him $100,000 and the memory of beating some of the biggest names in the game in front of at least 25,000 people.

Before facing Bird, Big Chief had to face off against Kye Kelley and several other renowned drivers. The Crow was pretty beaten up by the time it rolled out onto the strip next to the Probe, but it still managed to outstrip the other car in a cloud of smoke and with the engine roaring beneath the hood.

The turnout for this event was so high that many fans had to be turned away, as the dragway was full to (and possibly past) capacity. Fortunately, Discovery captured the race on camera for those unable to be there in person, and will air their coverage in a Street Outlaws episode early next year.

Not only was the massive crowd a testament to the popularity of the show, it also granted Bristol Dragway a night of incredible attendance. In a time when lightning-fast transmission speed and crowd-sourced coverage are so widely available, many people avoid don’t visit tracks in person. It’s a good sign for the sport of racing when such a huge number of fans turn out to see an event.

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  1. By the time this run was made it was 2:30 a.m., people with kids or had to work the next morning had left. I was there, trust me earlier there were no seats.

  2. I can’t wait to see all the crying when all those idiot hangers-on standing next to the car during the burnouts are slammed when a car goes sideways or blows a tire.

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