Best Super Bowl Car Commercials

The Superbowl always signals an influx of cool commercials, most notably commercials for the newest vehicles either about to hit the market or those that have just debuted. (Guess what Burnout readers, you’re probably the target demographic, even if you don’t watch football!)  This year was no exception, and some of our favorite ads were those for some of the biggest brands, and models, we’ll see in 2015. From Chevy’s EXCELLENT fake-out to Dodge’s “Wisdom” campaign, here are some of the car-related highlights that brought joy to football fans (and those who saw a lot of ’em on the internet prior to the big game). So tell us, what were your favorite ads from this or past Superbowls?

Chevy Colorado “Theme Song”
Nothing like a little fake out and some AC/DC.


Dodge “Wisdom”
It’s all about those 100 years. Beautifully filmed, you don’t even realize it’s a car commercial til the end.


Fiat “The Little Blue Pill
Getting a look at an Italian village when a comical Italian guy accidentally misses his mouth? It gets a good chuckle.


Nissan Racing #WithDad
While the NFL may be trying to portray their men in a better light though the commercials, this one is relatable for many of us. Taps into being a kid and just how much a dad (and his cars) can mean.


Other car commercials of the night:

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