Behind the Wheel: Garwood Custom Cycles

Behind the Wheel: Garwood Custom Cycles
Garwood Custom Cycles, in Lexington, NC, specializes in customizing motorcycles with various paint jobs, light kits, tires, hardware and more.


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As we at begin to delve into various forms of motored mayhem, we were excited to recently slip Behind The Wheel for a little fun of the two-wheel kind with a custom cycle shop – Garwood Custom Cycles.

Headquartered in the birthplace of Eastern style BBQ – Lexington, N.C. – this custom motorcycle shop is the brainchild of David Garwood.

“Starting this business was the result of a blessing in disguise,” said Garwood. “I was in high school and my mom and dad told me that I couldn’t have a sport bike, but when I graduated I took the liberty of getting one anyway, and I took it to the drag strip with my brother and cousin. After that I was officially hooked on building high performance motorcycles instead of building street racing cars in my family’s horse barn.”

Five years later, in 1995, Garwood Custom Cycles went from Garwood’s dream in a horse barn to a business in downtown Lexington. Although this business started small, it would quickly grow to become a favorite among two-wheel enthusiasts.

In fact, the shop quickly become famous for customizing motorcycles with various paint jobs, light kits, tires, hardware and more; it grew so much in 14 years that Garwood Custom Cycles would expand to a shop double its size in 2013.

How did all this happen? “Bringing on good people with a serious passion and talent to create the amazing bikes that we do here is the primary reason that we have come from a business that started on a dirt floor in a small barn to the amazing business that Garwood Custom Cycles has become today,” said Garwood.

So who are these amazing people, and how have they made one man’s dream of bringing a little fun and excitement into the lives of others possible?

Fellow Gearhead and Parts Manager Josh Hedrick came to Garwood Custom Cycles more than 10 years ago, and has been working in what he calls a “fantasy workshop” ever since. “I owned a dirt bike that I ordered parts from Garwood for, and I eventually started getting all my bike parts from here,” said Hedrick. “Before you know it, David and I became friends and after seeing my excitement for his shop he asked if I would help him here and there, and eventually he and I both decided that I should stick around.”

As Hedrick also mentioned, “to be a part of this industry it takes a lot of passion as well as an ability to overcome, to make things happen.”

The passion that flows through the veins of this custom cycle shop was very apparent, as we would be introduced to some amazing projects that have been completed throughout the years. Although some were customizations of bikes like those of drag racing employee Reggie King, there are also projects that tug at the heartstrings and make a difference.

Behind the Wheel: Garwood Custom Cycles

Garwood Custom Cycles designed this custom 2016 Suzuki Hayabusa Breast Cancer Awareness Bike for
the president of East Coast Busas Motorcycle Club Frederick Maryland Chapter, Charles Stewart, after he lost
his wife and riding partner Yvette Stewart (a.k.a. Peaches) to breast cancer in 2012.

“Some of our favorite projects include our charity bikes to help raise awareness and money for a good cause,” said Garwood. “Projects like our Wounded Warriors, Autism and Breast Cancer Awareness bike have meant so much to so many of us here at Garwood through the years and we hope to work on more projects like this in the future.”

Behind the Wheel: Garwood Custom Cycles
Garwood Custom Cycles recently won the “Fan Favorite” award at the 15th Annual Shriner’s Drag Racing
and Hot Rod Expo in Greensboro, N.C. for their ‘New Wave’ bike to benefit Shriner’s Hospital.

Garwood Custom Cycles even received a ‘Fan Favorite’ nod during the 15th Annual Shriner’s Drag Racing and Hot Rod Expo in Greensboro, N.C. for their ‘New Wave’ bike to benefit Shriner’s Hospital for children.

“We are very excited to have won this award, and since it was the Shriners, it was for a good cause,” said social media director Chase Clifton. “It features some of the best customization. The paint job is crazy and exciting; we have different color changing light kits and a single side tire. It has won a couple of other awards for best customization at Daytona Bike Week.”

Other than building and customizing original bikes, what benefits does Garwood Custom Cycles offer to its customers?

“This is where we can make dreams come true for any motorcycle enthusiast,” said Hedrick. “Whether someone needs simple parts and service, motorcycle gear, purchasing of a new motorcycle or even tuning up of a motorcycle with paint, turbo, nitrous, etc. – whatever you need, we can do.”

Well, we sure are impressed with Garwood and look forward to finding out what they have in store for the future. For more information about Garwood Custom Cycles, visit them online at or check out a few of their amazing projects on YouTube.

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