[Video] Are You Confused on the New NASCAR Engine Rules?

Doug Yates CEO of RoushYates Racing Engines, explains the new rule changes coming to NASCAR in 2015. These rule changes are being implemented to make things more interesting for the NASCAR Fans and Teams. “Nascar has implemented many changes in 2015 to make the field more competitive,” says Roush Yates Engines CEO Doug Yates. The first race to see these changes will be the second race of the season held at Atlanta Motor Speedway, March 1st, 2015.

4 Comments on [Video] Are You Confused on the New NASCAR Engine Rules?

  1. Just great, lets cut the power even more, and bunch up the field so we can see even more spectacular wrecks.
    Come on Nascar, get away from the old-fashioned pushrod engines and let the manufacturers show us their latest technology. If one brand takes off and leaves everyone else, so be it. It’s up to the others to catch up.

    This would allow us in the real world to benefit from the advances in racing when they’re applied to our street cars.

  2. I think the Fords would be head and shoulders above the rest and NASCAR would never let Ford be in the drivers seat. Rule’s always seem to bend towards the Chevys. I wonder why….

  3. this is the reason i stopped watching nascar racing in the late early 80’s. make it even for everyone and thats bullshit ! turn them loose and let them build them like they did in the 60’s. Pearson , Petty

  4. Yet look at the various winners thus far into this season. Bunched cars may be a necessary evil and sure is a bunch more entertaining than single file cars with a field spread out over 10 to 20 laps from leader to 43rd position with how many cars still running at the end of ANY race?. NASCAR has done a spectacular job of mandating fairness, dependability has been the result and was part of the intent with rule changes. But none of us could say that throughout this entire transformation process away from the old single file single lane racing with but a few winners in an entire season that there hasn’t been ways to “bend” researchable areas of the car. Yes this even with body templates so damned exact the body builders jobs could now be hired out to high school auto class. I don’t need to remind anybody what team has dominated the field adapting to these constant changes season after season even as the rides have become nearly carbon copy cars. In fact it seems that about once a month some “super important” change took place for the entire field because of what one team was doing as they adapted to each new stranglehold NASCAR dealt themselves. All in the name of competition and fairness but if not for Chad and Jim it’d taken much longer. NASCAR doesn’t exactly reveal areas that are going to be less scrutinized but there are only so many that remain….this was going to save money remember? which may have happened but that didn’t mean you wouldn’t shift 500 employees around to do “other” tasks small teams wouldn’t dream of. I’m going to step out on a limb and say that if not for NASCAR living to explain rules to some very creative rule parameter testers at Hendricks, namely those working under Chad, that the team may have been even MORE impressive , crazy you think? How do continue to “like” a team that wins too much?,, a team who’s shit smells like roses? Thankfully they’ve either burned out or been stopped, for now. As much as I am a Johnson fan I am even more a NASCAR fan. There remains enough variable to have the faster car/ drivers go forward to finish well as usual. In that way NASCAR is very much the same the best drivers matched to the better cars take home the check the chick and the checkered flag, only now it’s more like not just the top five each week it’s the top ten, at least. That is something that hasn’t taken place in circle track racing in my life time at any track or any class at a track. I am NOT a fan of this Chase but it isn’t my job to fill seats. Make the top ten fastest cars relevant every week and that’s going to bring so much additional income back to NASCAR. This chase may have saved NASCAR for a mass exodus of fans like side by side racing and passing and being passed back with a slide job. Also the tracks that we go to today mean less adversity, difficulty I dare say. Bring on the DIRT! BRING BACK THE BEACH! Imagine THAT!

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