Announcing the RacingJunk and Visit Myrtle Beach Resto Mod Winner

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It’s been a long road for the RacingJunk Myrtle Beach 1953 Sedan Delivery Beach Cruiser, a road that now leads to Lowell, OR and Heather Holston, the winner of the 2015/2016 giveaway Resto Mod.

“When I heard the voicemail saying I won, I didn’t know what to think,” Holston says. “I looked up the drawing and thought maybe I won a pair of sunglasses or a case of oil or something but when I called back and Jim (Sweener) told me I actually won the car, I didn’t believe it. I don’t have this kind of luck. I’m sure I’ll be in disbelief until it’s in my driveway.”

The vehicle is perfect for nurse Heather, husband Kevin and three children. “My father has a 1948 Chevy pickup and a whole bunch of other cars and I attribute my love of cars to him. We are part of Jasper Street Rods, out of Jasper, Oregon and frequently attend events and cruises with our club. My husband and I also attend several car shows a year with our 1955.”

The Holston’s already own a 1955 Chevy 210 Handyman Wagon that they restored. “She wasn’t very pretty to look at,” Heather explains, “but with the help of a few friends, she’s turned about pretty good. We actually just changed the engine out this year. We are also slowly building a 1967 Chevy truck.”

The Holston's 1954 Chevy Wagon will make a matched set with the Beach Cruiser.
The Holston’s 1954 Chevy Wagon will make a matched set with the Beach Cruiser.

The ’53 Chevy should go perfectly with this bunch of bowties.

The RJ/VMB Resto Mod was conceived of as a vehicle to combine the sensibilities of the RJ vehicle enthusiast with the sun-kissed dreams represented by the Visit Myrtle Beach tourism campaign. The end result, a ’53 Chevy Sedan Delivery vehicle transformed into a stylish Beach Cruiser, truly represents of the best of both worlds.

The vehicle features a 430hp GM 6.2L E-Rod Connect and Cruise package from Pace Performance, an independent front and rear suspension system from Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts, custom-built WELD Racing Wheels and Mickey Thompson tires.

Additional support for the build was provided by several key partners including: Painless Performance, Dirty Dingo Motorsports, Dakota Digital, Bedwood, Vintage Air, Wilwood Brakes, Steele Rubber, Eckler’s, Holley Performance, Modern Muscle, Flaming River, Kicker Sound, E-Stopp, PPG Paint, and Summit Racing.

The candy apple red and almond exterior stylings, wooden bed and pin-striped surf boards mark it as a beach cruiser, perfect for a trek to Myrtle Beach, or for Heather Holston, to the Pacific Coast that Oregon is famous for.

Heather was selected as the winner from a pool of 75,000 entries, a result of contest collections at races and car shows all over the country as well as the online entry option.  “I entered in hopes of winning the car but of course, I didn’t think it would actually happen. I entered online I think it was through Facebook.”

“I can’t wait to see all the hard work and long hours that I know went into making this car beautiful. Restoring is not an easy process.”

Heather and her family are looking forward to using the cruiser as intended in its inaugural outing.
I haven’t been to very many beaches but someplace warm would be ideal. Oregon beaches are a little chilly most of the time.”

Congratulations to Heather and family on winning the car, and huge thanks to our partners and sponsors who made the whole thing happen!

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