A.R.E. Keeps Things Covered for the 2014 RacingJunk/AED Performance Chevrolet Silverado

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As part of the 15th Anniversary celebration, The Burnout is sitting down with some of our partners who have contributed to the 2014 RacingJunk.com/AED Performance Chevrolet Silverado giveaway to find out more about the company itself, and the product currently rocking the truck.  This time it’s with Bryan Baker of A.R.E. to talk about the tonneau cover they contributed, and the other great products they offer.

The Burnout:   Can you give me a little background on A.R.E?

Bryan Baker:  A.R.E. was founded by Sal Gatti, Jonas Yoder, and Aden Miller in 1969, and originally manufactured aluminum truck caps and storage buildings.  Over time the company grew with the mission of quality, service, and innovation.  Staying up with new technologies led to A.R.E. becoming a nationwide leading manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps and fiberglass tonneau covers.  In 1982, A.R.E. produced its first fiberglass truck cap.  In 1990, A.R.E. began custom painting their caps and covers to match the trucks with an automotive quality basecoat/clearcoat process.  Since then A.R.E. has continued to grow, and focus on designing the most stylish and functional truck caps and covers on the market.

The Burnout: Tell me about the tonneau cover on the Silverado. Why this cover? What are some other options and what are the benefits of each?

Bryan Baker: The A.R.E. LSII Series fiberglass tonneau cover is an industry leader.  It has won numerous awards both from the industry, and from consumers naming it the best tonneau cover on the market today.  The quality of the design, components, and manufacturing process really help this product to shine.  The LSII Series offers truck specific styling, premium components, and a unique lift assist system for user friendly opening and closing. Also available for the LSII Series is the popular e-lock option, which allows you to lock and unlock the cover using your truck’s existing power locking system.  This industry leading tonneau cover is a best seller, and for good reason.

The Burnout:   What’s the benefit of a tonneau cover? Can you tell me anything about installation or longevity for these covers?

Bryan Baker:  The primary benefit of a fiberglass cover to most users is that it keeps your gear or equipment safe, secure, and dry.  Another benefit to fiberglass tonneaus cover users is the gas mileage savings that can be obtained.  According a study conducted by Western New England College’s Department of Mechanical Engineers, “The best way to reduce drag, and improve gas mileage for pickup trucks, is to add a tonneau cover.” Their study yielded gas mileage savings of 8% by adding a tonneau cover to a truck.  As a final benefit, The LSII Series looks great with its custom, painted to match styling, and enhances the appearance of the vehicle it is placed on.

b.      Installation of the LSII Series is easy, mounting to the pickup truck using four integrated clamps.  An A.R.E. retailer can typically install an LSII Series in 15 to 30 minutes.  Once the unit is installed, it can be removed and reinstalled by the truck owner in less than 5 minutes.

c.       As far as longevity, the LSII Series features a limited lifetime warranty on both paint and structure.

The Burnout:   What other products would you recommend for our audience – either for their performance vehicles, their haulers, trucks, daily drivers, etc.

Bryan Baker:  Depending on your lifestyle needs, we offer various products.  Our  fiberglass truck caps can provide more storage than our fiberglass covers, and they can also provide aerodynamic advantages for those hauling their race vehicle in a trailer.  For those working out of their trucks, we offer many work truck solutions, including our popular DCU Series commercial aluminum truck cap the features toolboxes, full rear doors, and ladder rack options.

The Burnout:   What else would you like our readers to know about A.R.E.’s products or the company itself?

Bryan Baker: They can learn more about A.R.E., and access valuable coupons, at www.4are.com.

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