NASCAR HoF Vandalized

Photo: WBTV Charlotte
Photo: WBTV Charlotte

The NASCAR Hall of Fame located in Charlotte, North Carolina was vandalized over the weekend, local news station WRBC 6 reports. Police are investigating who spray-painted “All Lives Matter” and “ALM” on the side of the building.

Racial tensions have been at an all-time high for NASCAR following the banning of the confederate flag and the noose investigation. 

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority issued the following statement on the incident:

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is an iconic Charlotte landmark that welcomes visitors from around the world and we are incredibly sad and disappointed that it was the target of vandalism this morning. We support peaceful protests and freedom of speech and encourage more productive ways for individuals to have their voices heard. We are working closely with law enforcement to address the situation and want to express gratitude to our team members who quickly responded in cleaning the affected areas.

3 Comments on NASCAR HoF Vandalized

  1. goody…fake news over the fake noose that had been there for months and had nothing to do with the racist Nascar BLM’er Bubba. It will take them what maybe 15 minutes to wash off.
    And by the way, you want to see what vandalism looks like, check out miles of burned out public and private properties in cities like Minneapolis, etc, etc. performed by BLM’ers doing what they do.

  2. We have BIG-LIBERAL-MEDIAS’S influence on NASCAR, to thank for All of this CRAP!……………Because EVERYTHING ..’the-left’ touches, it turns to crap!

  3. Open till now I’ve always been a big-time Richard Petty fan, but how he allowed his driver Bubba Smollett to make a fake story out of nothing is truly disappointing.

    I was hoping NASCAR would show more leadership then the ball and stick sports leagues.

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