20 years Ago: Hybrid Vehicles Introduced in US

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons
20 years Ago: Hybrid Vehicles Introduced in US
Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

20 years! Two decades! That’s how long RacingJunk.com has been in business, and we are celebrating this milestone by looking back at some of the good, bad, ugly and just plain weird things that happened in the race and performance space 20 years ago! Every Thursday, we’ll throw it back to the end of the millenium and check out what 1999 had to offer (aside, of course, from Prince!). Want to share? Tag us with #RJ20Years in your social posts!

20 years ago, hybrid vehicles were introduced to the USA with the Honda Insight. Since then, the gas/electric-powered autos have grown in popularity, and American purchases currently account for 36% percent of the worldwide hybrid market.

Due to high gas prices, 2013 topped the charts for hybrid vehicles’ popularity in the USA; in that year, 3.19% of all American auto purchases were of hybrids. Sales have dropped slightly since then, but the combination of gasoline’s broad availability with electricity’s affordability and emissions advantages have ensured hybrids remain a significant segment of the auto market.

While the earliest hybrids sold in the USA were of Japanese manufacture, American companies didn’t take long to get in on the action; the Ford Fusion is one of the best-loved hybrid vehicles being made today.

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