20 Years Ago: Bad Weather Rains On NHRA’s Parade

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons
20 Years Ago: Bad Weather Rains On NHRA's Parade
Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

20 years! Two decades! That’s how long RacingJunk.com has been in business, and we are celebrating this milestone by looking back at some of the good, bad, ugly and just plain weird things that happened in the race and performance space 20 years ago! Every Thursday, we’ll throw it back to the end of the millenium and check out what 1999 had to offer (aside, of course, from Prince!). Want to share? Tag us with #RJ20Years in your social posts!

NHRA’s Northeast Division did not have a good time in 1999. Beginning inauspiciously with a snowstorm, immediately followed by a rainstorm which led to water falling from above inside the banquet hall after the Annual Tech Inspector meeting, the season proceeded with severe rain delays at the Pepsi First State Open at US 13 Dragway, the Atco National Open and Maple Grove Raceway. At other events, action had to be paused for spans of fifteen or twenty minutes while the skies emptied. Even when races were able to be run, the humidity swamped anyone on the track with heavy, dense air.

Auto racing is always, to a certain extent, subject to the whims of nature, but in 1999 it seems nature had a special grudge against the idea of anyone enjoying motorsports events. We’re glad that in the 20 years since, the NHRA hasn’t suffered quite as bad an extended temper tantrum by the fickle weather.

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