Would Quieter Cars Take the Fun Out of NASCAR?


Brian France and his corporate NASCAR henchmen are back at it again. Along with the addition of the rather confusing rules this season, including stage vs. heat racing, France has decided to take the sport’s NASCAR Green initiative to a new measure that is sure to have true motorsports fans officially tuning out for good.

That’s right, if France has his way those days where we experienced the joy of watching those powerful stock cars blowing by us at top speeds will be over. According to the latest reports, NASCAR is considering making its stock cars quieter.

As NASCAR continues to turn away from the fans that made this sport iconic, France continues to treat this sport like a business by pursuing the latest target focus group – millennials. With a goal to improve its race-day experience by providing millennials with a chance to socialize outside of focusing on the sport that is actually taking place, this initiative would involve incorporating a new muffler into the existing exhaust systems of each participating car.

Does he really think that these 18-34-year-olds want to spend any money that they may have already made in the work force standing around a race track chatting? Don’t we already have tailgating for that?

Is this really the saving grace for NASCAR’s declining event attendance and television ratings? Why does it have to be so hard to save a sport that many of used to love? Maybe it is time to take a step back from looking at a sport as a corporate entity. Instead of throwing more money into turning a stock car event into a golf cart race, maybe it is time to refocus efforts back to what made NASCAR a fan friendly sport in its early days.

We want to hear your thoughts, so be sure chime in and maybe we can at least vent our frustrations together.

Here’s to a brighter future of NASCAR!!!

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11 Comments on Would Quieter Cars Take the Fun Out of NASCAR?

    • That’ll never happen. I run mufflers on my racecars, and if properly designed, they cause no power loss, and sure do help the well-being of my ears. It’s still plenty loud, though. Mufflers don’t turn them into street cars. LOL

  1. I think it’s a good idea. Otherwise we’ll have fans suing NASCAR for hearing loss.
    It’s not like mufflers are going to turn them into street cars, you’ll still have plenty of noise.

  2. Hell why not make them electric then. Virtually silent. This is as stupid as a football bat. Why even go to a race without the noise. Don’t like the noise, stay home. Just sayin’………

  3. No way they should muffle these cars. Seems like the France family is just trying to piss people off and chase fans away. They already cut back on HP when they went to FI and ethanol, then these stupid ass rules this year, with the “stage” racing – what a crock. Daytona is supposed to be a 500 mile race, not two 150 mi. races followed by a 200 mi. race. And race cars make noise – that’s why God gave us earplugs. Go ahead Brian, alienate the people who made you and your sport rich. Chase all the money away and then bitch about your losses….but whatever you do, don’t listen to the fans.

  4. The only “excitement” in NASCAR is when there is a “near death” experience or one of the drivers takes a classless punch at the other because the only way to pass is to do so without skill or dignity.

    The event is boring. Attendance is painful…no one sits…everyone stands up. The cars are painfully loud as the tracks are, in effect, megaphones! NASCAR has a problem…and it is because the novelty has worn off. Their announcers are hideous…well… at least Jeff Gordon is an improvement over the child-like “bugety-bugety, let’s go racing” and the obvious commercial interests of The Waltrip/Waldrip/ whatever brothers. Will someone please…take them to K-Mart and upgrade their wardrobe! No wonder NAPA left them!!

    It’s a great excuse for a Sunday afternoon nap…and that’s the entertainment value. Sad…but true!

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