What’s Your Favorite Car that You’ve Ever Owned?

What’s your favorite car that you’ve ever owned? A question that brings up a flurry of emotions for every car guy, everything from extreme giddiness like when you remember the great deal you got the car for–to absolute sadness when you had to sell it for less than that. So we asked our Facebook community the same question and these are a few of our favorite responses!

Colby Crowe’s 1965 Ford Falcon Futura

65 Falcon Futura. My dad bought this car when he was in high school, so around 74, and it’s been in the family ever since.

Darren Rapp’s 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

My 63 Plymouth Sport Fury. 12 years of enjoyment from my initial $1900 investment…with a little more added along the way

David Rowl’s 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

1970 Boss 302 mustang, and still have it…

David Flemming’s 1970 Plymouth GTX

My 1970 GTX. God, I wish I hadn’t sold it…after 27 years of ownership.

Otis Brink’s S/3 Mercury Capri

S/3 Mercury Capri with a V-6 4speed. First car I ever lowered. They only made about 2,000 of them. I traded my 1972 Porsche 914 for it. This car handled like a go kart. I would destroy 280 Zs and 510 Datsuns up on Mullholland and Palos Verdes Drive back in the late 70s. One I should have hung on to.



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  1. My First car was a 77. Gremlin that I bought used in 79 for $600 bucks. The water pump had gone south and was knocking like it was a rod bearing, but something told me to take a closer look. When I went under the hood, and the salesman was distracted I noticed water coming out the weep hole, grabbed the fan blade and rocked it back and forth. $600 later I was in my way to pick up a new pump and gasket sealer and I drove that car 3 years until I bought my 69 AMX. Both were fun cars but the AMX has more potential. To this day I miss both of them.

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