We Caught Up with Goodguys AutoCrosser Scott Fraser and His Cobra

Scott Frazier, Goodguys, AutoCross, Cobra, 427
Image: GoodGuys

We recently caught up with Scott Fraser and his 1966 427 Cobra that has been doing well on the AutoCross circuit. Scott’s gorgeous Cobra has had everything under the sun done to it in fact, the only thing that’s completely original is the body.  Scott took home 1st place in the PRO class at the 18th Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals a couple weeks ago. Here are some questions that we asked him following the event.

How did the car/track feel? Anything you had to prepare for going in?

After the 2016 season it was time for the engine to get refreshed. Bruce Cambern and I took the engine and transmission out. Bruce redesigned the rear upper control mount for less friction and so it wouldn’t loosen like it did at the 2016 shootout. We reinstalled the fresh engine in June of 2017 just to have wiring issues knocking us out of the Pleasanton event. We got the car ready for Scottsdale but the new engine wasn’t tuned. Made the duel at the desert 2017 a struggle to even drive. The rear suspension with less friction had better traction making for a pushy/understanding car.

Starting the 2018 season was going to be more difficult than years past. I had not driven the Cobra CSX3170 running correctly for over 8 months enough to be comfortable. To try to start for the first event we raised the rear of the car in hopes to make the balance closer to neutral but it wasnt enough. For pleasanton we added rear spring to get the balance of the car. But during the event we found the forward bite suffered.

Going into Del Mar we changed rear springs, reset rear ride heights, spark plugs, checked valve lash.

The car handled well and we make changes almost every run trying to get every tenth out of it. I use solostorm to check driving lines and look for possible driving changes. We have been getting fuel injection tuning help from Richard Nedbal but we are still fine tuning small spots.

Any upgrades in the future or is everything how you like it?

Future plans we are adding traction control now that it is legal.
We plan on continuing to improving the handling by refining the spring/bar/shock/ alignment package.

What draws you to autocross?
I have been autocross nationally since 2000 and found the challenge and comradery second to none. I have made some great friends across the country and coming to different events gives me a chance to not only see them but compete against them.

Every event is different, surface, traction, course layouts so you never truly have people driving off of memory. Pure focus, looking ahead, car setup, and driving at 10/10ths is the only way to win at this level of competition.

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