[Video] Mustang Mach-E First Look

I say 4-door, all-wheel drive, electric Mustang–you say BLASPHEMY! But is it fun? Our friends over at Mustang Forums and Mustang Source got the keys and the chance to answer that question. Michael and Darren took an in-depth look at both the rear-wheel-drive Mach-E as well as the Mach-E 4 X, the much more exciting option of the two.

The main problem with this car isn’t anything about the car at all. The Mach-E 4 X for example, power-wise, has 346 horsepower with 428 lb-ft of torque, sure it’s electric but what cars aren’t these days? The main problem is perception. When you hear the word ‘Mustang’ you think of a ’68 Fastback cutting up the streets of San Francisco, not a family SUV.

However, if you can somehow compartmentalize two separate Mustangs in your head, this is actually a very, very fun car to drive. Now what we mean by two separate, well, one is reserved for the Mustang we all know and love, the once “secretary’s car” to fire breathing donut in a parking lot car we all grew up with, and separate that with this, the million times better alternative to the all-dreaded minivan (shivers).

Check out the full video below and see what we mean:



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