[Video] Mahle – Piston Pre-Assembly Measurement Tips

As you know Piston pre-assembly is very important when it comes to putting together your engine. In this video Trey McFarland from MAHLE Motorsports goes over important preassembly measurements as they pertain to pistons.

1.Crankshaft counterweight to piston clearance
Look for a minimum of 40/1000 clearance

2.Measuring cylinder liner length
 – Make sure the widest portion of the piston does not come out of the bottom of the bore.
To measure liner length run a tape measure through the cylinder and measure to the bottom

3.Piston to Sidewall Clearance
 Look for a minimum of 40/1000 clearance from piston to the rod

4. Checking Deck Clearance
Used for checking compression ratios and gasket thickness.
 – How to read  the dial gauge when the piston is at top-dead-center (TDE)



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