[Video] Bondurant School of High Performance Driving Rallies and Returns in Top Form

Dodge Demon driving experience at SEMA 2019.
The Bondurant experience live at SEMA 2019.

In October 2018, the future of the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving looked uncertain. Weighed down by debt, and filing for Chapter 11, the school released a statement of commitment to the company, the community and the clients who still avidly wanted to learn from the acclaimed Arizona-based school.  But what would that look like going into the future?  The school closed a month later to prepare to find new owners.

Well, a year later, it looks like an exciting partnership with Dodge//SRT for drag racing, new ownership/investment and a truly exciting lease on life.

In May 2019, Stig Investments, “a group of entrepreneurs who are racing enthusiasts and automobile collectors, as well as passionate Bondurant graduates,” purchased the Bondurant High Performance Driving School.  In October, veteran track leader Franki Buckman came on board as CEO and General Manager.

Bondurant, which as had a partnership with Dodge since 2015, is committed to teaching defensive driving for teens, high performance driving and of course, racing. The expansion of the Dodge/SRT partnership to include drag racing means that in addition to gaining a skill set for Grand Prix or Advance Road Racing, students now have a chance to feel the power of a 840-horsepower Challenger SRT Demon under their hands.  The Bondurant website also announces that Formula racing is next on the docket.

RacingJunk.com had a chance to speak to one of the school’s latest new hires Dan Dineson at the SEMA 2019 Show.  As Director of Marketing and Sponsor Relations, Dineson brings knowledge and expertise of the industry to the business. He also brings his own sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the school as a former, and now returning, employee.

Dineson talks about the revival of the beloved institution, the partnership with Dodge and what makes Bondurant special.

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