[Video] Big Crash in $10,000 Drag Race Grudge Match

After a heated Facebook argument, two racers took to the track ending with one car walking away with $10k, and the other car eating a guard rail. 1320 Video captured this race between ‘Da Boogeyman’ (Camaro) racing out of Colorado and the “Honey Badger” (Nova) racing out of Oklahoma. The race went down at the No Prep Mayhem race in Wichita Kansas.

No prep racing can get hairy, especially if your car puts down serious power. “Da Boogeyman” Camaro definitely found this out the hard way. Thankfully after the crash, the driver walked away unscathed and able to race again another day.  This race was also a testament to how important safety equipment can be in drag racing. Check out the video below:

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