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RacingJunk at PRI 2019
RacingJunk preps for the yearly epic t-shirt giveaway at PRI 2019.

The world is a different place this morning than it was yesterday, or at least it feels very much so. As the RacingJunk staff communicated to each other and to our users, advertisers, partners and community members across various platforms from the relative security of our homes, we found ourselves sharing a post from The Shop, written by Bob Schied of McLeod Racing, “How Social Distancing Can Become Automotive Bonding.” Bob wrote about the ways in which the automotive community can be there for each other and it struck a chord for all of us here at RacingJunk.

We are a community. We exist to service the broader racing and performance space, as a place to encourage automotive passions, to sell parts, to dream of the next great race or project, to wallow in nostalgia, to keep up with news, to connect with our hobby. Many of our users will be working from home when they can, others will find themselves without work, many will find themselves somewhere in the middle. But despite all this uncertainty, we can come together for each other. And RacingJunk intends to help the community do just that, whether as a news source, a place to sell off inventory for extra cash, as a welcome respite from the uncertainty of the day or an answer to the restlessness of social distancing through our social media platforms or our classifieds.

RacingJunk was started as a resource to connect people across the country who wanted to buy and sell their stuff, and we will continue to function as one. The Enthusiast community is truly that — from the user posting a single ad to the biggest OEM, we are a community with the aim of taking care of each other. When we post about show cancellations, it’s to let users know but it’s also because we know the people producing these shows. We know what a blow it is to both sides, and we want to keep everyone connected. The same goes for small business manufacturers, for the grass root or professional racer wondering when the next time they’ll be able to run their ride will be, as a hobby or as part of their profession.

We know the passion doesn’t ebb, even as history unfolds around us. At the end of the day, gearheads are gearheads. Thinking about cars is what we do and we are about to have a lot more time on our hands not spent commuting, driving kids to basketball practice, going to the movies with our partners, watching sports on TV, and attending community events.

So, what will we do with all this free time? Car-obsessed nuts like us will spend time more in the garage tinkering, and odds are people will be shopping online more than ever. Jim Sweener, Director of Sales, just picked up another car on Saturday and already has a shopping cart full of parts for it online. Families will think about buying RVs to still be able to vacation with places like Disney closed, race cars lingering in the shop will have a couple of extra weeks to be completed before the first race, and we can help make sure that as with every day since our founding 21 years ago, we continue to stay dedicated to serving all elements of the race and performance community.
We are keeping regular hours, albeing from home. We are here to help. Come talk to us on social, via email, through the phones.

From our team at Racing Junk to yours, we wish you the best and we’re here to help.

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  1. Up here in the Great White North ( aka Canada ) our Tri-five Chevy car club is presenting our 20th anniversary Charity Show n Shine at the end of August ( Aug.29 ).. Can the good folks at RacingJunk provide some “swag” for our door prize table for our entrants or something to add to the “goodie bag” ??? Anything would help us & if you like, I know you will, we will recognize your contribution, so everyone knows that Racingjunk is involved.. Please contact me @ [email protected] if you can assist us..
    Jim Kennedy
    Edmonton & Area 567 Club

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