Today’s Cool Classified Find is this Racetrack for Sale for $1,999,999

Today’s CCF pick is Spencer Speedway, a1/2 Mile Asphalt Race Track and 1/10 Mile Drag strip both fully Operational.


Details from seller:

This is the opportunity. Well-established business SPENCER SPEEDWAY 1/2 Mile Asphalt Race Track fully operational.1/10 Mile Drag strip fully Operational.Sale includes All equipment to run this show! Serious Inquiries ONLY. We have detailed lists of equipment,both on and off the track. What an OppertunityIndustrial/Commercial park, race track, location for large scale solar, wind, storage, industrial, commercial or residential development. Additional approx. 80 contiguous acres available with a residential structure. This site has operated as a race track for over 50 years & could be a premier facility in a location that is fast growing location. 3 Phase electrical. Rare Opportunity! Unique Cobblestone Home on almost 80 Acres! So much potential! Oversized living room with fireplace, 1st floor bedroom & bath, 2.5 Car attached garage, inground pool and more! Home needs updating and repair.


5 Comments on Today’s Cool Classified Find is this Racetrack for Sale for $1,999,999

  1. Another race track selling out.
    Without giving a damn what the buyer does with it.
    This is the problem with track ownership: once times get tough, sell it for what you can get and let them build a frickin mobile home park….
    The selling point of “fully operational” is just bullshit.

    How many drag strips has Dallas/FTWorth TX lost in the past 10 yrs? Well… NorthStar is on its way out.

    • Russell, it has already happened here, Glencoe Alabama, Green Valley 1/2half dirt track (& former drag strip) has been bought by a development Co. The property is worth more than the race track

  2. Gee Russ, it’s really good of you to tell this guy how he should live his life and what he should do with his property. You know nothing of him, what he’s gone through trying to keep that track alive — in the freakin’ COVID-19 crisis no less — his liabilities or his responsibilities.

    If it bothers you so much, you should pony up with a couple million bucks and buy it yourself, move yourself to podunk New York and run this track. If you’re not willing to do that, you’re just making noise. Spare us.

    • Exactly my thoughts… there are consequences in business just like life. Economic changes, Pandemics, who coulda planned for this? Maybe the owner got older and needed out.

  3. “This is the problem with…ownership”

    You can do with it what you want? Maybe you could get Biden to pass a law preventing this.

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