The Perfect Car for a Post-Apocalyptic World


With the COVID-19 virus in full swing, grocery stores are being ravaged, guns are being bought, and bunkers are being built. We hope it never gets to this but after watching Mad Max for the umpteenth time, we got to thinking, what an end of the world cruiser would look like? In the revamped Mad Max: Fury Road, the main character’s car is a blown 1973 Ford XB Falcon from our crazy Australian cousins. Pretty cool…

We wanted to have a little fun ourselves and put together a list of our go-to vehicles for a post-apocalyptic world. What vehicle would you use as a blank canvas before you add the bulletproof panels and flamethrowers?

1986 Lamborghini LM002 – Not a lot of people knew that Lamborghini made a Hummer on PED’s but the “Rambo Lambo” sure does look the part, and with a 7.2L marine V12 it goes too.



1970 AMC Rebel Machine – So maybe this pick is based on name alone, but who wants to mess with a guy that drives a 340 HP Rebel Machine in a direful world. Oh yeah, we’d keep it all AMC.



2015 Ford SVT Raptor – If it’s good enough to go to the BAJA 1000, it’s good enough for the end of the world. Plus it’s gotta be the Raptor with the v8.



1969 Chevrolet El Camino – Want all the horsepower and torque from a Chevelle but with a place to put your gun turret? Then the El Camino is just the car for you.


Any Year Jeep Wrangler – One of the most trusted vehicles of all time, you may not outrun anybody, but climbing up rocks would be a great strategy.



1968 Holden Monaro – If we could choose any Australian V8 coupe, we’d choose a little differently than Max.


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