The Most Beastly Off-Road Truck Will Blow Your Mind


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took your typical every day truck and lifted it, then put triple bypass shocks on it?  We found this classified on of a truck that’s done exactly that.

This off-road truck has a new 620 horsepower Bill Wright Motor and all the best parts.  It runs on pump gas and has a turbo 400 2500 stall.  Although we don’t fully know what type of truck this beast started out as, we can see what it’s ended up as.  It appears to be an incredibly powerful truck, and it would no doubt be able to rip through any terrain you would put it up against.

Looking inside the wheel wells, it’s impressive to see all of the shocks and springs that help this mini monster truck do what it’s meant to do.  In case you’re worried about what to do with all of your drinks while you’re bouncing through the woods and mountains, the truck comes with a removable cooler rack.  There’s also a huge set of bright lights on the front of the truck to help you see everything that may come in your way.

Now, we don’t know exactly what your off-roading dreams are, but we figure this is a pretty good place to start for $60,000.

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