The Future (and Present) of the Car Show Roundtable

The car show as an event has been hit hard during the pandemic, with cancellations and rescheduling. How have promoters managed it and how will they move forward?

Classic car and hot rod enthusiasts were particularly distressed this past summer and fall as many car shows were cancelled as a result of concern for health and safety due to the pandemic. But the car show as an institution is still going strong. Hosted as part of “No Shows No Problem,” the Future (and Present) of the Car Show panel brought together several notable voices in the industry, including John Buck, Owner, Rod Shows; Al Liebmann, Internet Brands Auto Classifieds; Frantic Ford Funny Car; Lance Miller, Co-Owner, Carlisle Events; Michael Garland, Public Relations Manager, Carlisle Events; and Rob O’Connor, Owner, Right Coast Events to talk about their past and future seasons.

How have shows adapted to the requirements? What challenges do they face? The importance of flexibility, and the need to draw in new faces and new enthusiasts to the car show are all addressed.  Overall, the promoters find a lot to look forward to, and above all, celebrate the auto enthusiast communities that sustain these events.

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Andreanna Ditton is the Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief for the Internet Brands Automotive Classifieds Group, of which RacingJunk is the flagship site. She has worked in the automotive publishing industry since 2007, focusing on racing and performance issues.

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