The Electric AWD Corvette is Coming. Probably.


Via Corvette Forum

Recently a document has been leaked hinting that the C8 Chevrolet Corvette would offer a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain since before the new mid-engine machine was introduced. Today, the folks at shared information from leaked General Motors documents that the new Corvette will feature an electric all-wheel-drive system called “eAWD”. Based on their information, this option could arrive as early as 2023. With other manufactures like Ford exploring new technology with legendary nameplates, it’s no wonder that Chevrolet would do the same.

According to the leaked document the 2023 Corvette is slated to come with eAWD, which will be introduced under the RPO code XFD. After the first year, the RPO code will change to XRD, but those codes really don’t matter to enthusiasts. What does matter is that the eAWD system is currently slated to arrive for the 2023 model year. At the same time, this report points out that it could be pushed back to 2024. When it arrives, the Stingray will become an even greater performance car when it comes to executing a hard launch. This system will likely also improve performance measures in road handling.

The GM-Trucks report doesn’t have any mechanical details. They speculate that the Corvette eAWD system will have one or two electric motors mounted at the front wheels. The battery pack will likely be located in the base of the frunk. Based on other performance cars that rely on an electric-based all-wheel-drive system, it seems most likely that the C8 will have an electric motor driving each of the front wheels. However, the company could reduce weight by going with a single motor setup. Provided that we are accurate with the setup of the system, there would be no electric power at the rear wheels and no gasoline power at the front wheels. When the gasoline and electric propulsion systems are working in unison, this is almost guaranteed to be the quickest Corvette ever.

The combination of gas and electric power technically makes this a hybrid package for the Corvette. We still don’t expect it to be marketed as a “green” option. Even if the eAWD system improves overall fuel economy and allows all-electric driving, Chevrolet will likely market this as a performance feature, yielding better traction on a hard launch or when accelerating out of a corner.

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