Tesla Takes on Hellcat in Drag Race

The Hellcat struggles to get any traction while the Tesla puts the power down smooth and with a vengeance.

17 Comments on Tesla Takes on Hellcat in Drag Race

  1. Fucking driver of the Hellcat should be shot and pissed on. Seriously, had he EVER raced a car in his life? Absolutely pathetic.

  2. Anyone that wants to look objectively and seriously at this will look at the numbers the Hellcat ran and compare them to what it normally runs and see that the something wasn’t right. Actually the writer of the article should have pointed this out. These articles should be objective and they are not.

  3. The Tesla is over $100,00.00usd, and pulled a 11.64sec 1/4. Who cares!!!! Everyone can see that the Hellcat went up in SMOKE!!!!!!!! Hellcat normal 1/4 times are 10.80sec. Wait till the rechip, cat removal, race exhaust & repulley kit for the blower comes out. the Hellcat with all the goodies + slicks will be in the 9’s.

  4. put somebody in the hellcat that knows how to drag race , jumps the light, hold it to the pin till half track , then pedals it , what a joke , who was this twit?

  5. Okay,FIRST OFF………..everyone needs to shut-up and LISTEN!!! FIRST OFF,all you “old-school” boys NEED to start USING the “PROPER” Word for powerplants,ESPECIALLY when were talking about “ELECTRIC-MOTORS”!!! NO,your FUEL-BURNING “ENGINE” is NOT (nor ever SHOULD BE) called a “Motor” like all the rednecks like to call em!!! SECOND,make all the excuses You WANT to for any/all fuel-burning ENGINES trying to keep up with an Electric-motor…….because in the END,NOTHING will change! Fact is,electric-motors put out 100% DIRECT-TORQUE the second you flick-on the power,compared to anything an engine could even HOPE to put out at anything but it’s PEAK RPM! So until electric-motor cars go up against turbine-powered jet-engines,You Gasoline boys are gonna have to ACCEPT it!!!

    • Not entirely true….
      An electric does deliver high torque quickly, however it is NOT 100% the second you flip the switch in most applications, and the car is no different. There are parameters used for Accel and Decel to put a curve on the motors amp draw. This is true in Automotive applications as well as industrial applications.
      Secondly, engines do as you indirectly suggested, build power through RPM up to its peak, however a driver with ANY knowledge of the sport would have built RPM prior to launching the car to be in a desired power range.
      The exibition run does nothing to illustrate which vehicle would have won the race! NOTHING!
      Avid racer / Electrical – Robitic Engineer,

  6. I’ll take him down with my wife’s Honda Accord,lol. Dude can’t drive and to be honest most can’t, have seen numerous guys driving 11 second cars doing best of 13’s As always doesn’t matter how much HP you’ve got.The Bullshit stops as the green light pops !!!

  7. The race should have been rerun in order to get a fair comparison. As the Hellcat’s actual 1/4 mile times capability, they only run low 11’s, and on a good track with a good driver may hit a high 10. At a recent hellcat exhibition at the Mile High event in Colorado which was sponsored by Chrysler, a Factory prepped Hellcat ran a low 12 second 1/4 mile. That was still impressive considering the altitude of the track. The remarks that the Hellcat can run a 9 is far fetched. With some engine mods, and suspension tweaking, maybe. For one thing, the car is too heavy to get into the 9 sec zone. So in reality, the Tesla probably would have still beat the Hellcat, with a good driver in the seat.

  8. “fist off” I don’t see many motors competing in top fuel . Fact is only tech geeks rally around their “motors” for cars . Until battery tech quadruples current batteries capacity the “red neck ” motor (snicker) is packaged much lighter and smaller than current electric cars . when it’s 10* out for the high , electric cars crap out period . Mileage between charges decreases rapidly . I have my superchaged 5.4 mustang outside runs 11.60’s all day on pump gas ac ps pb and I can race all day at the strip without recharging . Think I’ll go out and pop the hood spruce up the motor a little.

  9. Either post videos of your perfect super warp speed monster machines and how well you slaughter everyone or STFU about the guy. If you bothered to read the interview, he had never run the car, heated up street tires (big no-no), jumped the light and then the overheated tires got blown away when he tried to catch up. I suppose all you clowns did a 10 second run your first time out IF you’ve ever actually raced a real race prepped car anyway. BTW Tinkles, post up your video link showing your 11 second turd Pony in full street dress running 11’s with the AC on, 91 octane fuel with no additives and everyday street tires or zip it!

  10. go to my facebook page then post yours loser . since you are obviously all knowing and we are all graced with your presence . Vid is of the rad hose blowing at the top of the run . lets see what you got.

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