Street Outlaw, Shannon Poole, Safely Emerges from 1964 Corvette Wreck

Check out this wild drag strip moment that happened a couple of years back during the Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Blowout at Gulfport Dragway. This 1964 Corvette, driven by Shannon Poole from Street Outlaws: New Orleans, goes for a crazy ride. The footage recently popped up again on v8hub’s Instagram, bringing the whole thing back into the spotlight.

In the video, you see the Corvette going airborne, flipping, and then crashing nose-first with a huge fireball explosion. It’s like a scene from an action movie! But here’s the twist – Shannon Poole, the driver, comes out of this insane stunt with just a few bumps and bruises. Talk about a close call!

8 Comments on Street Outlaw, Shannon Poole, Safely Emerges from 1964 Corvette Wreck

  1. She should have lifted when the front of the car started lifting off the track. At that far down the track she should have noticed the front of the car getting airborne. Very STUPID. Too eager to win the race. But lost a great car.

    • I couldn’t disagree with you more.
      By the time she realized what was happening it was too late for any evasive action and nothing else regardless would have affected the outcome.
      Due to the lateral movement of the car and subsequent airborne kite like behavior this was inevitable after it started lifting
      It’s similar to a high speed boat that catches air under it’s hull and basically behaves like this Corvette did.

      • I stand by my comment as you do yours. One of the main problems was the design of the cars front end. I had no front spoiler or air dams to help prevent the car from lifting the front off of the ground. A simple spoiler would have possibly prevented the accident. She just learned a valuable lesson, I hope.

    • You Sir or Maam obviously has not piloted anything more than Super Comp…if that, We are committed to the sport we love. Running AA/FA, Nitro Harley, Pro Mod I have made poor decisions or mechanical mishaps that resulted in some WILD rides. In 30 yrs on the track and street we realize that EVERY PASS may be our last. That’s the way we LOVE IT, sissy. Grow up.

    • For the record Shannon Poole is a He not a She , and at that part of the track your approaching 200mph , backing out from a 632ci engine at full power is easier said than done .

      • That is very true. I think that if the front end his car had a spoiler like the car in the other lane has, there would have been less of a chance for the car’s front end to get airborne. With that much HP and speed, it should be a requirement.

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