[Video] Small Shop Owns First 9 Second Z06

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The Chevrolet Z06 has been a performance staple for the past 15 years, and for 2015 not much has changed. Jeremy Formato, the owner of Fasterproms Tuning is also the proud owner the worlds first 9-second 2015 Z06. “Honestly, I just wanted to prove to the world that our parts work,” explained Jeremy. “I’m just a small guy in a small shop, so to have the world’s first 9-second C7 Z06, is quite the ridiculous blessing.” Jeremy’s Z06 ran an impressive 9.872 at 138 mph quarter-mile on February 12th at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

Jeremy expects the car to do much better in the future. “We are still working out a few bugs and testing the limits of the fuel system,” Jeremy explained. “We dropped a couple of miles per hour in 3rd and 4th gear, as the car should run about 142-143 mph.” Check out the parts list below to see how Fasterproms pulled off this incredible feat.

Parts list:
Fasterproms custom tune by Jeremy Formato
Fasterproms custom 2.31 pulley
Fasterproms Ported Supercharger
Modified airbox, and air duct with modified AFE CAI
Fasterproms Thermal reduction plates that reduce blower heat soak
Fasterproms Flex Fuel Kit (A flex fuel sensor they make to allow the use of blended e85/pump gas)
Fasterproms 1.5 gallon expansion tank for greater supercharger coolant capacity
ARH 1.875 headers
Hoosier 315/30/18

Story Via: THE BLOCK

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