Shoot Life Into Your Garden. Literally.

Flower Shell

We all love things that go boom. Whether it’s fireworks or Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke, that sound signifies something awesome just happened. And thanks to the ingenious combination of fun and usefulness, we have one more item to add to the awesome boom list.

Meet the Flower Shell.

Flower Shell Poppy

The Flower Shell is the brainchild of Per Cromwell, an innovator and artist at Studio Total who likes gardens, but doesn’t like gardening. He set out to find an easier, faster, more fun way to seed flowers, and there’s nothing more fun than shooting seeds into the ground with a shotgun. That’s right, a shotgun. Honestly, who wouldn’t love to do some violet violent gardening on the weekends?

The Flower Shell is a standard 12-gauge shell loaded with one of twelve different seed types: lavender, cornflower, daisy, poppy, sunflower, clematis, columbine, sweet pea, lupine, carnation, peony and a collection of meadow flowers. Simply load the Flower Shell into your favorite 12-gauge and start blasting yourself a brand new garden. If you’re in a densely populated area, make sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot by letting your neighbors know about your awesomely lazy new past-time because you’ll have a heck of a time trying to convince the police that your spent shell casings actually contained seeds. Also, don’t actually shoot yourself in the foot. Aim a few feet downstream.

The gunpowder load in each shell is carefully adjusted based on the type of seed that will be fired to ensure proper delivery and depth into the soil. It’s perfect for epic-ly seeding your garden in true action hero fashion, but probably won’t be ideal for home protection. Although, peppering an intruder with a spread of hot poppy seeds is by far the greenest way to protect your home.

Flower Shells have had a surge in popularity, and small-scale production means they’re back-ordered until February 2014, but you can still purchase gift cards for your favorite gun-toting gardener.

Now if someone could invent a Soap Shell for cleaning dirty dishes…

Go HERE to order your own Flower Shells. Each purchase also funds the Flower Shell indiegogo campaign to aid in future Flower Shell production.


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