SEMA Sit-Down: Rich Rebuilds Swaps an LS into a Tesla

RIch Rebuilds, Tesla LS Swap, SEMA2021

RacingJunk’s Bobby Wayne Stauts hit up builders and enthusiasts at the SEMA 2021 show to learn more about custom builds, marvelous mods and what’s on the horizon from some of our favorite OEMs.

In this “Sit-Downs from SEMA” edition, Bobby talks with Rich Benoit from Rich Rebuilds a Youtube vlogger who did the unthinkable and put an LS from a Camaro SS and swapped it into a Tesla Model S! Watch as Rich tells Bobby how he sourced the cars, and some of the challenges that go into transforming a Tesla into a gas burning tire-shredding v8 track monster!

3 Comments on SEMA Sit-Down: Rich Rebuilds Swaps an LS into a Tesla

  1. Good thing it was a junk flooded Tesla, otherwise it would have been a total waste of time. Either way it is now slower and burns more energy than before the “T” was submerged. Should have put in a Pontiac motor from those boys in Tennessee and the above statement wouldn’t be true.

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