SEMA Sit-Down: Dave Schulman Talks his ’93 Lightning Build

RacingJunk’s Bobby Wayne Stauts hit up builders and enthusiasts at the SEMA 2021 show to learn more about custom builds, marvelous mods and what’s on the horizon from some of our favorite OEMs.

In this “Sit-Downs from SEMA” edition, Bobby talks with legendary Ford truck builder, Dave Shulman.  Dave started the custom car/truck club named Acrophobia, which has built some famous projects like his 1998 F150 called “Catch 22,” or his other Ford trucks like  “Insomnia” and Precious Metal.

Dave has an impressive auto collection that includes a couple of 1959 Cadillacs and a famous crew cab dually named “Krew Kut” that was built by Master Image Customs back in 2000. It was recently restored by Gas Monkey Garage and featured on their show. His most recent project truck is this ’93 Lightning called Ka Chow built by Phat Fabz in Oklahoma.


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