Riding Along in a Race Ready Mustang for The 50th Anniversary

We are here for the 50th anniversary of Mustang at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and one of the big attractions is the Ford Racing Ride and Drive. After taking a short survey and signing a waiver, fans can drive anything in the Ford fleet, followed by a ride along in an honest to goodness Ford race car. The latter of which is a true thrill ride. We got a chance to take a hot lap and ask our driver a few questions, which you’ll see in the video above. Additionally, we got seven questions with Chad Zulian of Ford Racing and Miller Performance, who, in addition to being their marketing guru, was also working pit row. Here’s what he had to say.

1. What do you do to prep each car for a full day of racing?
We have a crew go through everything…brakes, rotors, fluids, tire pressure, etc…

2. You mentioned 08 GT cars will be for sale at end of year and what is expected selling price?We’re sad to see them go as they’ve treated us and our students tremendously well, but we’re looking forward and to the future. We’re currently not announcing any pricing however if anyone would like more information they can call 435-27-SPEED.

3. What will you replace them with?
We’re looking to replace our fleet with the all new 2015 Mustang. And yes, We’ll be upgrading our current Boss’ to something very similar to the Boss 302s.

4. How can racing junk readers find out more about your program?
They can check us out at www.fordracingschool.com or call us at 435.27.SPEED and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @fordracingschool for all the latest news and updates.

5. What sort of line up are Ford fans able to expect on the ride and drive?They’re able to drive everything from the F250 down to the Fiesta Titanium and of course the Mustangs.

6. I noticed some cars such as the Shelby’s are retired after a few laps.What’s the reasoning and logic behind it?
Basically to cool the cars down and their brakes.

7. You’re working pit lane today, what sort of maintenance do you perform on the race cars and how many laps do you think they see a day at the ride and drive?During ride n drives it’s really just refueling and monitoring tires unless something breaks on the cars. We have one of our techs on site at every event. It really depends on the event but I’d guess we had over 500 laps a day here at the 50th.


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