Repair or Replace: 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Post Coupe

Oldsmobile 442

Oldsmobile 442

Gentlemen tend to like the looks of an Oldsmobile 442. It’s one of the more sleek, understated designed muscle cars of its time. The 442 first appeared in the 1964 model year and continued on as an option until 1968, when it became a model of its own. There’s no mistaking the black stripe down each front fender to inform onlookers that this isn’t just any Oldsmobile. The 442 pictured here, needing a restoration, appears to be a diamond in the rough. This particular car is a post coupe and is 1 of only 493 post coupes with this color combination built in 1968. If you ask me, it’s the right color too. Options included with this car are a 400 CID Engine, Hurst 4-Speed and a 12-Bolt rear. The interior is complete, and waiting for the right upholstery shop to show it some love. I located this Oldsmobile in the classifieds and found myself hoping to see this 442 rolling down the road again someday soon. She’s way too pretty not to be!

F.Y.I. In 1968 Hurst Performance teamed up with Oldsmobile in building the first year of the Hurst/Olds.

Automotive: In the neighborhood of 33,000 Oldsmobile 442’s were built in 1968.

In the Movies: The ’68, 442 has appeared in the television show “Overhaulin’“. It’s also been on the big screen in movies like “Shameless” and “Chicago Stay the Night“.

In Music: “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro stood at the top of the Billboard Charts for most of the month in April 1968.

Fun Fact: In 1968 the cost of a new home was $14,900 and the average income per year was $7,800.

1968 Le Mans Winner: Mexican Pedro Rodriguez and Belgian Lucien Bianchi

1968 NHRA (Top Fuel) Champion: Benny Osborn


Repair or Replace

1968 Oldsmobile 442 Post Coupe

  • $18,995

Current Pricing: $40k+ Online

Quick Look Paint


  • Strip (Media Blast)-
  • Complete Paint-
  • Fenders x2-
  • Add for black 442 stripe x2
  • Quarters x2-
  • Doors x2-
  • Rockers x2-
  • Hood-
  • Decklid-
  • Roof-
  • Add for jams on all parts-
  • Undercoating-
  • Misc-$$$$-
  • Materials-

=(Paint) Labor and Materials – $5-10K
(Media Blast) – $1K

Quick Look Body

Oldsmobile 442

Complete car plus Interior

  • Body (Glass, trim, interior, exterior) – 4k+
  • Body Repair any existing damage after Media Blasting
  • If no replacement panels are needed and body is semi straight, 50 hrs+ repair, including prime and block

= (Body) Labor and materials = $7.5K+

Quick Look Total: (Body, Paint, Parts, Material, Etc.)=


$18K+ Asking Price

$30-335K+ …. Rebuild it!

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