It’s Time for a Rack and Pinion Conversion


A true car lover is a lover of classic cars. As powerful as classic cars can be, they are not quite as technologically advanced as newer vehicles on the market. Whether you like to put your time machine through the test every now and then, you like to travel far with your classic car, or you enjoy a day on the track with your unique vehicle, you simply can’t compete with the newer vehicles. To be able to take your older vehicle on to a race track, you must first do some modifications to make it able to handle the high speeds. When it comes to power, you may not need to do anything to your car; however, with great power, you will need great handling. With such an old and heavy classic car, taking corners at high speeds cannot end well. The center of gravity isn’t low, the weight distribution isn’t as advanced as it should be, and the steering response isn’t quite straight. One of the most advanced upgrades you can do for your classic car’s handling is to install a rack and pinion steering gear, which will tremendously increase your handling, making you finally able to step on your gas pedal and let your car scream, knowing you can actually take the turn.


Rack and Pinion Modification

The rack and pinion modifications are constructed from extremely lightweight materials, which ensures not to add too much weight on your classic car. Kits like this are installed in the front bottom of your vehicle, right behind the oil pan. These kits ensure proper geometry when turning, as well as tremendously responsive handling. The installation depends on the specific kit you purchase; some may require you to weld and trim certain parts, while others come designed for pre-drilled holes in your classic car, which makes it an easy bolt-on modification.

The rack and pinion kits install across your wheels, connecting to your frame, your wheels, and your cross-member. When installed, the rack stiffens the frame, which enables you to turn at higher speeds, while keeping the frame tight, thus increasing the stability, and reducing any counter steering the vehicle may naturally do.

The main idea of the rack and pinion modification is to increase the handling and stability, without needing to sacrifice the ride’s height. In other words, you will be receiving much better handling than if you lower your car.

System Overview

The rack and pinion systems usually come equipped with the rack, along with its mounting brackets, the user manual, and center links, as well as shafts, U-joints, and tie-rods. The owner’s manual allows you to install it yourself, unless your kit requires welding and trimming, in which case, consulting a professional is highly recommended.




Chassisworks Power Rack and Pinion and Total Control Products Systems would fit on these classic cars below:

  • Comet 1960-1965
  • Cougar 1967-1973
  • Falcon 1960-1965
  • Mustang 1964-1973
  • Ranchero 1960-1965


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