RacingJunk’s March Motor Madness Round 2 Results and Round 3 Match-ups


Rounds 2 Results:

Match-up #1

1969 Dodge Charger: 918 votes

1969 Boss Mustang: 551 votes

The Boss Mustang had one of the most dominant wins of Round 1, but it could not keep up with the 1969 Dodge Charger’s firepower in this Sweet 16 match-up. The ‘69 Charger is one of America’s most popular muscle cars, but it will still be considered an underdog against the iconic 1963 Split Window Corvette in Round 3. 


Match-up #2

1963 Split Window Corvette: 817 votes 

1967 Pontiac GTO: 649 votes

Our users edged out the Split Window Corvette ahead of the ‘67 Pontiac GTO in this match-up. Pontiac’s only old school contender has been eliminated. Look for a tighter match-up for the Corvette against the dark horse 1969 Charger in the Elite Eight. 


Match-up #3

1970 Chevy Nova: 636 votes

1970 Chevelle: 1,024 votes

One of the more intriguing Sweet 16 match-ups was the 1970 Chevelle versus the 1970 Nova. Both same year Chevy models, which had to make it tough for GM die-hards. Surprisingly the Chevelle almost doubled the Nova in votes, ending the popular classic’s run.


Match-up #4

1969 Oldsmobile 442: 1,201 votes

2006 Pontiac GTO: 377 votes

Continuing the popular trend of this bracket, the old school 442 dominated the more modern ‘06 GTO. Both cars had options around 400HP coming out of the factory, but that wasn’t enough for the Pontiac to put up a fight. The Olds 442 has a tough match-up against the Chevelle in Round 3.


Match-up #5

2012 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon: 858 votes

1978 Dodge Little Red Express Truck: 688 votes

The two biggest under-dogs of the bracket left in a head to head bout here.  The fight ultimately ended in the CTS-V Wagon being victorious, but the Caddy is in for it’s toughest match-up yet against the Shelby Cobra in Round 3.


Match-up #6

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air: 693 votes

1965 Shelby Cobra: 928 votes

The legendary 1965 Shelby Cobra’s run continues as it edges out Chevy’s widely popular 1957 Chevy Bel Air to advance into the Elite Eight. The Cadillac CTS-V needs a miracle to beat the Cobra in Round 3, watch for the Shelby to coast into the Final Four. 


Match-up #7

1932 Ford Coupe: 1,105 votes

1978 Ford Bronco: 553 votes

Hot-rodders would not be topped by our offroad gearheads in this Ford head to head match-up. The ‘32 dominated across all voting platforms to set up another fight against an offroad contender; the 1987 Chevrolet K-10.


Match-up #8

1987 Chevrolet K10: 1,073 votes

1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport: 899 votes

Our closest match-up of the Sweet 16, the Chevy K-10 barely beats the Ford Gran Torino Sport by under 200 votes. Offroad enthusiasts have a tough match-up ahead, as it takes on the 1932 Ford Coupe in Round 3. 


Voting for Round 3 here:

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  1. The Coupe will romp in.
    A man is a man
    who will fight with a sword
    or conquer Mt Everest in snow
    but the bravest of all
    owns a 32′ Ford
    and tries for six thousand in low

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