RacingJunk Unfurls Infinite Scroll for Users

Regular users of RacingJunk’s classifieds might have noticed a change this week in how our classifieds display.  Instead of clicking on a button at the bottom of the page after 10 listings showed up, the listings keep going and going and going.
This is a functionality called “Infinite Scroll” and it basically means users can keep browsing ads FOREVER without having to click on a new page. Cool, huh? We think so.  It’s part of our continued efforts to bring users the latest in new technology to provide the best experience possible on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
However, we also know that sometimes new tech can present a few challenges, and this feature is no different. So, here are a few tips for best enjoying the never-ending list if you’re running into trouble:
1) Because everyone’s internet runs at different speeds, occasionally, you might go faster than the scroll. If you see the “Load More” button at the bottom of the page, try slowing down your scroll a little. Sometimes the internet needs to catch up.
2) The “Go to page…” functions in the footer can also be used to navigate the site.
We really think you’re going to love this feature, and we are continually working to improve the site in this and other ways. That being said, we always welcome questions and suggestions. Let us know your thoughts on this feature, and on any that you’d like to see us explore.  Feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us toll free at 866.326.9227.
ETA: Updated on 8/7/19 to reflect new changes.

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