RacingJunk Hosts Webcast To Discuss Race Tracks Re-Opening


Alaska Raceway Park
Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Raceway Park Facebook

With race tracks and series re-opening in various ways across the country, RacingJunk is bringing together the expertise of several of its partners to discuss the practicalities and realities of what this looks like in their necks of the woods.

On Wednesday June 3rd at 6 PM EST’s Business Development team will share a webcast with Tulsa Raceway Park’s co-owner, Todd Martin, Operations Manager at Alaska Raceway Park, Michelle Maynor, and Joe Skotnicki, Director of Racing Promotion Monthly to chat about live racing’s current state as the COVID – 19 lockdown is gradually lifted.

For some tracks and states, this means creating pay-per-view options and paperless timesheets. For others, like Tulsa, it means figuring out how to best allow spectators to come in and cheer on the racers.

“Each state has different requirements, and each track is looking at a different experience,” explains Mark Menadier, Director of Business Development for RacingJunk.  “Todd, Michelle and Joe have all had to address the different requirements of their states and organizations in order to get racing started, and to accommodate health and safety for the racers and fans.”

The impetus behind the webcast was a desire to get the info directly to racers, fans and other tracks and sanctioning bodies.  Viewers are encouraged to ask questions, and offer up their own experience, which is something a live show is specifically designed to do.

The guests will also share their experiences of what live racing currently looks like to them. Plus, discussing their personal insights into track reopening strategies, locally mandated protocols, strategies to make up lost revenue and how and why this could shape the live racing industry forever.

“Re-opening isn’t just making sure things are safe and clean,” explains Menadier. “It’s also how to get people re-invested, to get them coming back to the track, and ways to keep the business itself going.  This is part of what RacingJunk is uniquely positioned to help with — distributing information from our partners. In this case, its creating a space where racers, fans and businesses can hear from them directly.”

The webcast will be hosted on RacingJunk’s FB page  at 6:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday May 3, and will also be available for via Racing Junk’s YouTube page following the broadcast.

ETA: 6/2/20 — We needed to reschedule the time for the webscast so it will be posted later on Wednesday than was originally announced!

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